Netoman: Network Manager & Optimizer

Project Admin:

Saurabh Sahni (

Email: saurabh [at] or ssahni.iet [at]


Netoman is a comprehensive Network management and optimization solution deployed at IT-Center, DAVV for Devi Ahilya University Campus Wide network. It includes 3 modules:

 Network Management: Netoman reduces bandwidth congestion, leads to quicker internet response time, limits bandwidth to individual users, compress cache, provides easy user and system management with exhaustive Usage Statistics , has content filtering, load balancing capabilities and also a web-based administrative interface.

 Content Aliasing Patch: The content aliasing patch changes the caching policy to operate on the basis of content instead of URLs and hence avoiding duplicate content storage in cache.

Digital Library: It maintains a local repository of archive files with high scores (calculated on the basis of access frequency, costs of download and storing) hence providing a fast access.


 Download Sourcecode

 Download related paper (Intelligent Cache and Network Management for squid proxy server)







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